Get A Load Of Your Favourite Froths With The ‘Hottest 100’ Craft Beer List

Alright, that *other* Hottest 100 has come and gone for another year, leaving us all a simmering pile of bickering twits in its wake. It’s over. We’re moving past that.

The real Hottest 100 that should be of great concern to a vast majority of you is the annual list of the nation’s favourite fancy frothies.
GABS – the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular (pun work/10) – has released their annual, user-voted poll of the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers, ranking the nation’s favourite hundred amber drops in order of deliciousness.
And for the first time since 2011, the top spot has changed hands – switching back to a perennial favourite over its highly fancied rival.
Stone & Wood‘s “Pacific Ale” jumped back into the number one spot, toppling Feral Brewing‘s “Hop Hog IPA” which had reigned supreme on the list the past three years running.
But the real shocker for the 2015 list was the roaring success of Adelaide upstart Pirate Life Brewing, who despite only hitting the market just 9 months ago, managed to take out 2 of the top 5 spots on the list, with a third entry snaring the 11th spot.
The full 100 is extremely hop-heavy, with IPA‘s taking up a whopping 39 spots on the list.
The full list looks a little something like this.

GABS 2015 Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers
1. Stone & Wood – Pacific Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
2. Feral Brewing Co. Hop Hog (American-style IPA)
3. Pirate Life Brewing – IIPA (Double American-style IPA)
4. Pirate Life Brewing – Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
5. Little Creatures – Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
6. James Squire – 150 Lashes (Australian-style pale ale)
7. 4 Pines – Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
8. 4 Pines – Kolsch
9. Modus Operandi – Former Tenant (American-style IPA)
10. Feral Brewing Co. – Karma Citra (Black IPA)
11. Pirate Life Brewing Throwback (Specialty IPA)
12. James Squire – Hop Thief 7 (American style pale ale)
13. Two Birds Brewing Taco Beer (Specialty beer)
14. BrewCult – Milk and Two Sugars (Sweet stout)
15. Bridge Road Brewers – Beechworth Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
16. Big Shed Brewing Golden Stout Time (Sweet stout)
17. Feral Brewing Co. War Hog (American-style IPA)
18. Coopers – Pale Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
19. Mountain Goat Summer Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
20. Mountain Goat Steam Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
21. White Rabbit Dark Ale (Dark mild)
22. Boatrocker Brewing Co. – Ramjet 2014/15 (Whisky Aged) (Russian Imperial Stout)
23. Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel – Three Sheets Pale Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
24. Nail Brewing Red (American-style amber ale)
25. Prancing Pony – India Red Ale (American-style IPA)
26. Riverside Brewing Company – 777 (Double American-style IPA)
27. Fortitude Brewing Company Noisy Minor “Admiral Akbar” (American-style amber ale)
28. James Squire – The Chancer (Golden/Blonde ale)
29. Stone & Wood – Cloud Catcher (Australian-style pale ale)
30. Young Henry’s Newtowner (Australian-style pale ale)
31. Fortitude Brewing Company – Noisy Minor “ANZUS” (American-style IPA)
32. Matilda Bay – Fat Yak (American-style pale ale)
33. Little Creatures – Bright Ale (Blonde/Golden ale)
34. Colonial Brewing Company – Small Ale (Specialty IPA)
35. 4 Pines – Indian Summer Pale Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
36. Rocks Brewing Company Hangman (American-style pale ale)
37. Mash Brewing Company Copy Cat (American-style IPA)
38. Wolf of the Willows – XPA (Extra Pale Ale) (American-style pale ale)
39. Vale Brewing Company – Vale Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
40. Little Creatures – Dog Days (American wheat)
41. 4 Pines – Imperial West Coast Red Rye IPA (Specialty IPA)
42. La Sirène Brewing Praline (Belgian specialty)
43. Little Creatures – Return of the Dread (Foreign extra stout)
44. Boatrocker Brewing Co. Roger Ramjet 2015 (Bourbon Aged) (Russian Imperial stout)
45. Hawkers – IPA (American-style IPA)
46. Feral Brewing Co. Tusk 2015 (American-style IPA)
47. Little Creatures – IPA (American-style IPA)
48. 4 Pines – Australian Pale Ale
49. Murray’s Fred (American-style IPA)
50. 2 Brothers – Growler (American-style brown ale)
51. Mountain Goat – Fancy Pants (American-style amber ale)
52. Green Beacon – Windjammer (American-style IPA)
53. Hawkers – Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
54. Feral Brewing Co. Watermelon Warhead (Berliner weisse)
55. Big Shed Brewing Californicator (American-style IPA)
56. Kosciuszko Brewing Co. Pale Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
57. 4 Pines Citrus IPA (Specialty IPA)
58. Two Birds Brewing Golden Ale (Blonde/golden ale)
59. Holgate – Temptress (Porter)
60. Hawthorn Brewing Co. Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
61. Odyssey Brewing Company – Calypso (American-style pale ale)
62. Newstead Brewing Company Two to the Valley (American-style IPA)
63. Big Shed Brewing F-Yeah (American-style pale ale)
64. 2 Brothers – Kung Foo (Pale lager)
65. Stone & Wood – Garden Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
66. White Rabbit – Pale Ale (Belgian pale ale)
67. Two Birds Brewing Sunset Ale (American-style pale ale)
68. Six String Dark Red IPA (Specialty IPA)
69. Gage Roads Brewing Atomic Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
70. Murray’s Angry Man Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
71. Shenanigans Brewing Company Winston (American-style pale ale)
72. Akasha Brewing Company Hopsmith (American-style IPA)
73. Nail Brewing Clout Stout 2015 (Russian Imperial stout)
74. 2 Brothers – Grizz (American-style amber ale)
75. Exit Brewing Company – #010 West Coast IPA (American-style IPA)
76. Colonial Brewing Draught (Kölsch)
77. Mornington Peninsula Brewing Company – IPA (American-style IPA)
78. 4 Pines – ESB (Extra special bitter)
79. Australian Beer Co. Yenda Pale Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
80. Little Creatures – Rogers (American-style amber ale)
81. Moon Dog – Splice of Heaven (Specialty IPA)
82. Batch Brewing West Coast IPA (American-style IPA)
83. Thirsty Crow Vanilla Milk Stout (Sweet stout)
84. Mountain Goat – Barrel Breed Barley Wine (UK-style barleywine)
85. Bridge Road Brewers Bling (American-style IPA)
86. Rabbit & Spaghetti – The Fox (Vienna-style lager)
87. Mismatch Brewing Session Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
88. BentSpoke – Crankshaft (American-style IPA)
89. Mornington Peninsula Brewing Company – Pale Ale (American-style pale ale)
90. Burleigh Brewing 28 (American-style pale ale)
91. Newstead Brewing Company – Three Quarter Time (Australian-style pale ale)
92. White Rabbit White Ale (Witbier)
93. Feral Brewing Co. Sly Fox (American-style pale ale)
94. Hargreaves Hill ESB (Extra special bitter)
95. 3 Ravens – 55 (American-style pale ale)
96.  KAIJU! Brewing Company – Metamorphosis (American-style IPA)
97. Coopers Sparkling Ale (Australian-style pale ale)
98. Modus Operandi Zoo Feeder (American-style IPA)
99. KAIJU! Brewing Company – Hopped Out Red (American-style amber ale)
100. Bad Shepherd Brewing Company – Hazelnut Brown (UK-style brown ale)
You can find out more about your favourite cold ones by visiting the GABS website.
Source: Executive Style.