Germany, champions of the 2014 World Cup, have been eliminated from the 2018 edition after a phenomenally brutal loss to South Korea.

We repeat: the team which overcame Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the final, the group of ice-veined warriors which dismantled Brazil 7-1, is going home.

The shocking result comes at the end of a disjointed performance from the reigning champs, who put in attempt after attempt but still conceded two scrappy goals past the 90th minute.

A late corner into the German box bobbled around until it found the foot of South Korea’s Kim Young-gwon, who tapped it over the leg of oncoming German captain and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The shot was initially ruled offside, but the Video Assistant Referee system confirmed it hit the legs of Germany’s Toni Kroos before finding the South Korean’s foot. Goal.

The second came not long after. A mad scramble from the Germans saw Neuer charge up the pitch; unlike so many successful marauding manoeuvres from the shot-stopper, this one ended with a quick clearance towards the other goal.

South Korea’s superstar Son Heung-min found the ball in Germany’s half and slotted it into their unattended net. Goal. Again.

The result means that Germany finished at the bottom of Group F. South Korea is also going home, but they’re doing so in style: in addition to comfortably beating the side many had tipped to go back-to-back, their win confirmed Mexico and Sweden will progress to the Round of 16.

This is the third time in a row the reigning champions have been eliminated in the group stages, after Spain‘s early exit in 2014 and Italy‘s departure in 2010.

At least Mexican-South Korean relations are at an all-time high, hey?

Image: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images