Two more people have been found dead after the discovery of three people impaled by crossbow bolts in a rural hotel in Bavaria, and German police are investigating “possible connections” between the victims.

According to local reports, a hotel worker in the southern German state entered a suite to find three bodies all pierced with crossbow bolts. The case, which has confused police, has reportedly led to the discovery of two more bodies in the city of WittingenLower Saxony roughly 650 kilometres away. It unknown at this point whether those two people were also killed with a crossbow, or to what extent the deaths are linked.

Three Bodies Found Impaled With Crossbow Bolts In German Hotel Suite
Photo: AP

The apartment in which the second set of bodies were found belonged to a 30-year-old woman who was found dead in the Bavarian hotel. The other two discovered in that hotel room, a man and a woman, were found hand-in-hand, impaled with multiple crossbow bolts. An unused crossbow was found in a bag in the hotel room, and two more have been located since.

German newspaper Merkur reports that the 30-year-old woman was the sister of one of the women found in Wittingen.

Police have not indicated whether they have any leads. “We assume that no other people were involved in the deaths of the three,” Lower Bavaria police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer said.

Though it is difficult to buy firearms in Germany, anyone who is over the age of eighteen can legally buy a crossbow.

Image: Getty Images