Germaine Greer Reveals Sexy Fling With Fellini

In one of the strangest reveals we’ve heard for a while, Germaine “bras are a ludicrous invention” Greer has written about her sexy times with iconic Italian film-maker Federico Fellini in the 1970s.

In her latest column for UK publication The Guardian (cryptically titled “Federico Fellini wanted to cast me in Casanova. We ended up in bed together”), Greer says she feared Fellini might die in her bed after being terrified by a bat that flew into her room one night – “Federico was terrified; did I not know that a bat had flown into his hair when he was a child?”

Other over-shares about the relationship that she included* in the article are:

“There was never any question of his sleeping anywhere but in the big bed with me.”

“He began to pant.”

“My flimsy dress was stuck to my otherwise naked body.”

“Sexual athletes are tuppence a dozen. Fellini was a many-sided genius. I do not hope to meet his like again”.

Weird. Random.

For the full story check out the Guardian website.

*PS Quotes may have been taken slightly out of context.

Via The West Australian