This is truly a news story with no winners. Supremely sad for all involved.

Georgina Bartter‘s close friend Rebecca Hannibal has today pleaded guilty to supplying Bartter with the pills that lead to a fatal allergic reaction.

19 year old Hannibal today entered a plea of guilty at Downing Centre Local Court to one count of supplying a prohibited drug. Previously, Hannibal had pleaded not guilty to the charge, but her lawyers amended the plea in a brief mention earlier this morning. Hannibal herself did not appear in court.

Police have alleged that Hannibal purchased a number of “purple sneaker” ecstasy pills from another acquaintance, Matthew Forti, in the days leading up to the Harbourlife Festival in November of last year. She then passed a pill on to Bartter, who consumed it whilst in attendance at the festival.

19 year old Bartter collapsed at the festival grounds after suffering an acute, aggressive, irreversible allergic reaction to the pill, which medical staff who worked on her told family members had a 1 in 10 million chance of occurring. Bartter died in hospital later that day.

Her family have made efforts to make it clear that their daughter was not a risk taker by nature, citing the daily calls made on every day of a five week trip to Croatia, Greece and Spain with her high school friends as an example.

Matthew Forti appeared in court last month to contest his charges. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of supplying a prohibited drug, and not guilty to one count of possession. Lawyers for Forti have requested a MERIT order, which would see Forti avoid prison and be referred instead to a drug rehabilitation program.

Rebecca Hannibal is now due back in court in June to be sentenced.

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