George Takei Responds After Sexual Assault Accuser Retracts Some Of His Claim

Star Trek actor and activist George Takei says he bears no ill will towards the man who accused him of spiking his drink and sexually assaulting him in 1981, after he recently walked back key elements of his original claims.

Taking to Twitter, Takei reiterated that he cannot recall meeting Scott Brunton, who last year accused Takei of drugging and groping him in his apartment.

The 81-year-old said “despite what he has put us through, I do not bear Mr. Brunton any ill will, and I wish him peace.”

Takei’s statement comes after an exhaustive report on the allegation from Shane Snow in The Observer, who spoke to Brunton, his associates, legal experts, and toxicologists at length about the allegation.

Brunton now states the pair had strong drinks at Takei’s apartment before he felt woozy. He alleges he found Takei had removed his pants, and that he asked the actor to stop, at which point he backed off and let Brunton drive home.

Discussing the matter with Snow, who had discovered inconsistencies in Brunton’s public recollections of the matter, Brunton said he did not recall any groping.

Toxicologists also suggested it was unlikely the symptoms Brunton described were the results of being drugged.

Brunton added he did not consider Takei’s alleged actions to be criminal or abusive, but that the evening was “odd” and left him “disappointed” – and that he simply wanted an apology from Takei for the “unwanted situation.”

“Your support kept us going,” Takei told his Twitter followers.

“And we are so immensely thankful for you.”

This article discusses sexual assault. If you would like to talk to a counsellor about rape, sexual assault or domestic violence, give the people over at 1800 RESPECT a call on 1800 737 732.