George Romero, Pioneer Of Zombie Films, Dies Listening To His Fave Score

Grandfather of zombie movies, George Romero, has passed away in his sleep on Sunday, after a short but intense battle with lung cancer.

Confirmed to the Los Angeles Times by his long-time producing partner, Peter Grunwald, Romero died at the age of 77 with his family around him, listening to the score of his favourite film – 1952’s ‘The Quiet Man’.
Romero leaves behind a huge legacy, as he was the man who brought about the “modern zombie” into horror films in the late 60s, through the of the ‘Night Of The Living Dead‘ franchise.
We have Romero to thank for the popularisation of the zombie/gore/exploitation genres, and without Night Of The Living Dead, we probably wouldn’t have popular zombie franchises like ‘The Walking Deador ‘Evil Dead‘, or modern slasher films like ‘Halloween or ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.
Industry heavyweights including Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro have shared their memories and gratitudes to Romero on Twitter, showing just how much influence he had over the realm of horror films, shows, and games.

Our thoughts go out to Romero’s wife and three children at this heartbreaking time.
Source: Los Angeles Times.
Photo: Michael Tullberg / Getty.