A New Study Shows That Dog Owners Are Far Happier Than Cat Owners

To add fuel to that whole ever-burning argument of Dogs Vs. Cats, new research has been published offering ammo to the Dog Appreciators out there: dogs make you happier than cats do.

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The General Social Survey has been conducted in the US since the 70s, documenting and tracking trends and societal change. It’s a big one, and is considered one of the most informative studies in social sciences.

Anyway, back to the dogs.

The 2018 research was released this month and included questions about the non-human people in human homes. It turns out that a considerably higher percentage of dog owners find their lives happier and more enjoyable than their feline counterparts.

As reported by The Independent, the results showed that 36% of dog owners classified themselves as “very happy”, meanwhile a mere 18% of cat owners marked themselves as that joyous in their lives. And those with a combination of dog and cat? They’re firmly in the middle with 28% of people saying they’re happy with their little animal family.

Now, we’re not saying that this is a direct effect of having a dog in your life, but also cats definitely do not give a shit if you live or die, as long as someone puts food in their bowl. It’s kinda obvious that you’d be happier with an animal housemate who loves you unconditionally, rather than one who side-eyes you from a box in the hallway every morning.

The research results also showed that people with dogs are more likely to be married and own homes, leading to apparent higher life satisfaction. Meanwhile, another recent study also reported by The Independent found that dog owners are fitter, and was found to walk up to 1400kms in a year, very likely due to that thing some humans have to spell out: W A L K I E S.

So there you go, let the argument of what animal is better continue. I’ll be taking this research to the council of cats in my house later this evening, and telling them to up their game, and stop screaming at me every morning for food.