Gary The Goat, Internet-Famous Giver Of Zero Fucks, Has Died Aged Six

Gary the Goat, perhaps the most well-known of Australia’s goats, has died. He was six years old.

The news was shared by Gary’s human companion James ‘Jimbo’ Bazoobi, who had long documented the pair’s cross-country trips in a series of comedic online videos.

In a Facebook post, Bazoobi said Gary was euthanised on Thursday night, after vets discovered a severe bleed stemming from a heart tumour.

“The vets drained it once but when it came back 24hrs later we decided that Gary needed to go out peacefully and pain free instead of being conscious while he couldn’t breathe,” Bazoobi said.

Bazoobi said he had travelled over 1,500km in the past few days seeking vet treatments for Gary, and offered a typically Gary explanation for why the tumour was diagnosed so recently.

“We thought it was just bloat at first – but it’s very hard to diagnose a goat who doesn’t give a fuck,” Bazoobi said.

Tributes have already begun to roll in for the horny creature, with hundreds of fans leaving messages of condolences on the announcement. Many, many commenters have pledged to raise a beer to old mate to commemorate his life.

As we mourn, consider revisiting some of the beautiful scenes from Gary’s life. RIP, mate.

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