WATCH: Let This New ‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 Footage Tide You Over Until April

We know you clicked on this article for information about the new Game Of Thrones footage, and that’s your prerogative. If you want to go ahead and skip this lil’ bit of preamble to wrap your eyes around the latest morsel from HBO, feel free! You’ll find the video embedded below. That said, it would be absolutely remiss of us not to mention some of the other gnarly content contained in the network’s new 2019 showreel.

[jwplayer 0k8dXrMR]

Consider The Righteous Gemstones, the upcoming televangelical comedy starring John Goodman, Adam Devine, Danny McBride, Edi Patterson, and Cassidy Freeman. Go ahead and feel the power of the Lord.

If you’re keen to fret over the network’s reinterpretation of Watchmen, have a gander at the new shots from the upcoming series. Or maybe since it’s Oscars day, you’re hankering for some Meryl Streep action; if that’s the case, cop the new look at Big Little Lies‘ second season.

As for Thrones… Well, look. It has Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), some dragons, and legions of warriors. Standard fare, but welcome nonetheless. That particular series touches down April 14.