HBO Releases The Official ‘GoT’ Pics For ‘Eastwatch’ & Tyrion’s In Trooouble

HBO has released the official images for next week’s Game of Thrones, ‘Eastwatch‘, and we get a few more glimpses of things to come.

First off, Tyrion appears to be dealing with his residual guilt over his part in the Field of Fire 2.0, walking through the charred battle ground.

Then you have Daenerys demanding the leftover Lannister army bend the knee, with a bereft Lannister man standing by her side. Worth noting that as far as the Lannister men are concerned, Tyrion was never trustworthy, and now he’s guilty of murdering King Joffrey and his own father.

Next up: Varys and Tyrion chatting in the Throne Room at Dragonstone. We already know from the trailer that Tyrion is struggling with something, and Varys is telling him, “You need to find a way to make her listen.” 

Dissent brews in the Daenerys camp, and Tyrion’s not having a good time of it.

Here you have Jon and Dany chatting war and/or getting all flirty mcflirtyson. You can act all horrified that these two are kinda related, or you can get on board with the hot people flirting their way into ruling Westerns. Your call.

Jon walking outside with his giant northern coat… is he not a thousand degrees with that thing on?

Back to Varys looking concerned, this time about whatever battle plans are laid out in front of him. Given the episode is called ‘Eastwatch‘, i.e. the eastern most outpost of the Night’s Watch, and we see the army of the dead in the trailer, it looks like the fighting will be moving northward. I’d be concerned, too.

Elsewhere in Westeros, Sam and Gilly chat over books. The books Sam was ordered to copy out by hand at the end of ‘Stormborn‘ have been accused of being something of a Chekhov’s Gun, in that in the coming episodes they will reveal some huge piece of information that Sam will need to communicate to Jon stat. Looks like that might be happening.

And finally, Cersei, sitting alone on her bed.

“When will my brother-lover return from war?”

Er… never, mate. If he’s not dead, the next time you see him, his fingers will be around your neck.

Not pictured in the upcoming episodes: Jaime, Beric Dondarrion, Gendry, Randyll Tarly, Jorah Mormont, Bran Stark and Bronn, all of whom are credited according to IMDb. This episode is going to be a doozy.