‘Game of Thrones’ Dropped A New S8 Teaser & Fans Have Got Bulk Theories

fire and ice game of thrones season 8 teaser trailer

It’s been a long and boring year without Game of Thrones gracing our screens every Monday. After a monumental 466 days without those wacky White Walkers to take our minds off the impending demise of the real world, it’s no wonder we’re desperately latching on to any morsel the showrunners might mete out.

So prepare your latching appendages, folks, ‘cos HBO has just released their first morsel in yonks: a proper teaser trailer for the show’s eighth and final season.

Okay, so to me, a casual GoT enthusiast, this looks like a whole lot of filler. But to the series’ die-hard fans, apparently this is basically a Season 8 viewers’ guide written in nerd-specific code. People got theories, man.


If we’ve learned anything from every other piece of promo the show has ever done, there’s definitely some subtext to be examined in this 30-second teaser. Fire and ice, sure, but what’s the significance of the wolf and the dragon freezing while the lion burns? Are we really gonna see another wall built, possibly of dragon glass? More importantly, exactly how crazy is Cersei gonna be? ‘Cos she better be pretty fucken crazy. I want to see Lena Headey out-Cersei herself. That lady is a thrill and a half to watch.

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We already know that every episode in the final season is going to be ‘feature-length’, and we’ve heard as well that the biggest battle – not just for the show, but like, in the history of film and television – is slated for episode 3, which is wild considering the show has traditionally saved its big battles (e.g. Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards) for late in the season.

I’m sure others have wild theories about what might be going on in this season to require a massive battle in episode three, but I am simply too dumb and lazy to have a hard opinion beyond BRING IT THE FUCK ON. Start prepping for April, kids! All men must die!!!