Gai Waterhouse Is Having A Big Sook About Dan Andrews Not Letting Melbourne Cup Crowds Go Wild

Gai Waterhouse Dan Andrews

Renowned horse trainer Gai Waterhouse, 66, has absolutely ripped into Dan Andrews over his “ridiculous” Victoria’s lockdown rules, while also sharing her brilliant ideas about how washing your hands can solve COVID today with Ben Fordham on 2GB.

Gai Waterhouse is, of course, the near-household-name who won the Melbourne Cup in 2013 with her horse Fiorente, and now works as a successful businesswoman who trains horses and occasionally hops on the radio to spout nonsense.

“Quite ridiculous really, the way they’ve gone on in Victoria,” she said on 2GB.

“The Premier there should wake up and let people get on with their business. The state will go broke with the way it’s going.”

Naturally, Waterhouse has all of Victoria’s interests at heart, and this has nothing to do with her own personal interests in seeing the Melbourne Cup packed to the rafters with primates.

“COVID’s here to last. We may as well start to live it, otherwise, Australia will go belly up,” she said.

“You’ve just got to get on with things. Businesses have got to go on as always. We’ve just gotta be careful.

“By all means, social distance and stuff like that, but we can’t have the country cut off at the knees.”

There truly has never been greater COVID advice than the words “just get on with things”. Then again, I guess that’s what folks over the pond in America are doing, and their daily cases are at… oh, never mind.

Gai Waterhouse also brought up the football as a key example of how disappointed she is in social distancing, apparently.

“They had 40,000 at the football the other night social distancing,” she said.

“Normally it’s 80,000. Then 40,000 people walk out rubbing shoulder to shoulder. Come on.”

And then came the golden part of the chat. At the very end, Waterhouse decided to spout knowledge about how we can all avoid COVID and flout social distancing rules from hereon.

“People can keep their space. People can wear masks if they want to, wash their hands – that’s the best thing.

“Wash your hands after you go to the toilet and you won’t have COVID.”

The wisdom. The intellect. Cannot believe we’ve never tried that.