Gable Tostee’s Court Case Adjourned Due To “Prosecution Bungle”

A procedural bungle by the prosecution has seen Gable Tostee‘s court date pushed back, after the Gold Coast man was originally due to face a committal hearing today.

Tostee arrived at Southport Court earlier this morning to hear charges of murder read against him, over the August 2014 incident that resulted in the death of 26 year-old New Zealand woman Warriena Wright, who fell to her death from a 14th story balcony after the pair had met mere hours earlier on a Tinder date.
Tostee has maintained his innocence throughout the course of the investigation and subsequent prosecution, taking to social media on multiple occasions to blast police and the media for his perceived treatment.
Police and prosecution both agree that Tostee was not on the balcony when Wright fell. However the prosecution alleges that Wright climbed the railing of the balcony in fear for her life, after Tostee allegedly turned violent. Audio recordings made of the encounter on Tostee’s phone are believed to be the key evidence in the case.
Tostee’s committal hearing was this morning delayed by the courts until October 15th, due to a procedural issue involving the prosecution.
In a short hearing this morning, the court heard that the prosecution had not secured signatures on witness statements, and would not be able to proceed. In a curious addition, the court heard that social media users will be called on as witnesses during proceedings.

Tostee remains free on bail.

Photo via Facebook.