Try Not To Audibly Groan But A Funko Pop! Movie Is Rumoured To Be On The Way

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that it looks like Warner Animation Group is working on a Funko Pop! movie. The good news is that, one day, all traces of life that ever existed on this Earth will be replaced by a sea of dust and emptiness that holds no memory of the excesses of the past.

The suggestion that one of the most incomprehensible cultural phenomenons of the modern age would be soon transformed into one of the more incomprehensible movies of the modern age came from SuperBroMovies writer Daniel Richtman, who tweeted an image of a board showing the timetable for greenlit Warner Animation Group films:

Another leaked image shows what appears to be some animation mock-ups, in addition to a number of proprietary characters:

According to Richtman, the film will include Darth Vader, Deadpool, Hellboy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty, just to start. A Richtman notes, if true, that would be the first Marvel and DC crossover to ever hit the big screen. It would still also be a Funko Pops movie, sadly.

Warner Bros. is yet to confirm this, so fingers crossed it turns out to be not at all true. But The Emoji Movie exists, and The Angry Birds Movie exists, so why the fuck wouldn’t this travesty happen to us as well.