We told you the other day that Real Social Dynamics, the group that Julien Blanc is a part of, was back in Australia to push their messages of abuse and violence against women

Since our article, RSD had removed their Australian dates from their website. The fact they did this due to public pressure is good and all – but they may still have been letting members know dates and venues internally, via their private group and newsletter.
However, RSD tweeted yesterday that they have cancelled all Australian tours:

The group is renowned for lying to avoid consequences (surprise fkn surprise, right), so many were concerned that they were still conducting their seminars in secret. 
However, today, author Melinda Tankard-Reist sent a tweet to Vibe Hotels, who were hosting the seminars. They responded saying that the functions were booked under a false name, and they had cancelled all of RSD’s events. 

According to Hack on Triple J, there’s no word yet on whether the Department of Immigration have cancelled the visa of Jeff Allen, who is the current trainer in Australia.
The petition to cancel the visa’s of the whole RSD team in Australia is now 60,000+ signatures strong: change.org/p/australia-says-no-to-julien-blanc-s-team-teaching-domestic-violence

We will update this story as more details about RSD’s visa status emerge.

Source: Hack.
Photo: Instagram.