Frontbencher Scott Morrison Suggests Referendum To Decide Marriage Equality

Following Wednesday’s decision within the Coalition party room—to firmly adhere to their party line, and deliver a blatant nope to a conscience vote on marriage equality—former Immigration Minister and current Social Services Minister Scott Morrison appeared on ABC’s 7:30 last night, entering the battle ring opposite MVP Leigh Sales.

On the issue of same sex marriage in Australia, Scott Morrison said a Referendum on the ruling—much like Ireland’s earlier this year—could be the most legitimate route to marriage equality.

“The type of issue that could be canvassed under Section 51 of the constitution — simply at the moment, in Clause 21, it just says ‘marriage’,”

“You could equally put in there opposite- and same-sex marriage and clarify very clearly what the meaning of the constitution is on this question, and to reflect [what] some would argue has been a societal change since the constitution was first written.”

Morrison claimed that redefining the marriage Constitution in Australia is a unique exercise that should be in the hands of the public, not the party rooms – and would encourage balanced debate among Australians.

“Justices of the High Court have already expressed opinions on this issue, that’s fine, but what I am saying is I would prefer the Australian people decide this: not me, not [High Court Chief Justice Robert French], but the Australian people.”

Putting the power to people on an issue that should have been resolved years ago?


Via ABC.
Lead image by Stefan Postles via Getty.