Friendly Reminder That NSW Local Elections On Today And You’ll Cop A Fine If You Don’t Vote

Council Elections Sausage

New South Wales, get your butts out of bed and zoom down to your nearest polling station because your local council elections are today.

These elections were actually meant to happen last year but clearly the panny-d had other plans in mind.

124 councils are holding their votes today and we’ve put together a bunch of handy tools to make the process as easy as possible so you can avoid copping a $55 fine in the mail.

$55 doesn’t sound astronomical but when you take into consideration that you could purchase approximately 108 McDonalds Chicken McNuggets with that sort of cash, voting makes a lot more sense.

So first up – chuck in your address deets to this website and figure out which council electorate you’re in.

From there, it’ll give you the option of downloading some handy ‘how-to-vote’ cards, which you can browse at your leisure depending on which party or independent you’re vibing. These aren’t 100% essential but can be helpful for all you politics nerds out there!

Next up, you’re gonna wanna check your voter enrolment status on the Electoral Commission NSW website.

If you’re double sure you’re already enrolled, skip this step.

However, if you’ve checked the site and found that you have NOT enrolled, you can just rock up on the day to any polling booth and completing a ‘declaration vote’. Just remember to bring some ID!

The final and most important step is to check where your nearest democracy sausage sizzle is.

We’ve found a handy tool that lets you see in real-time where every sizzlin’ snag is across the entire state.

Not only does it have the stats for which polling booths sell snags, but also which ones sell coffees, cakes, cold drinks, coffees and even veggie sausages!

This might just be the best thing since sliced bread, which I’m told will also make an appearance at the sausage sizzles.