In an act of injustice so grave it may well spark a second revolution, a French court has banned a couple from giving their baby daughter the perfectly reasonable name of ‘Nutella‘.

SBS News report that an employee at a registry office noticed the unusual name last year, then being unable to leave well enough alone, “flagged it” to local prosecutor, who ran it up the chain of command to the family court.

“The name ‘Nutella’ corresponds to the commercial name of a spread,” said Judge Buzzkill, in his ruling, “and it is against the child’s interest to be saddled with a name that could only lead to mockery and unkind remarks.”.

As people who regularly go at the Nutella jar with forks and/or fingers because we’re straight-up out of spoons and need that sweet, sweet hazelnut fix, we kind of sympathise with the parents on this one, but whatever.

At the hearing, which the parents did not attend, the judge ordered that the baby be given the less mockable name of ‘Ella’. 

In 2008, a New Zealand couple faced court after attempting to name their baby Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii, and another set of Kiwi parents ran afoul of the law after attempting to name their baby Sex Fruit.

Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images