Freezing Cold Temps From Over The W/E Are Why Your Nips Could Cut Glass

There’s every chance the recent blast of frigid weather in Australia’s southeast has rendered you entirely numb, so let this article serve as confirmation that yes, it was actually exceedingly cold this weekend across broad swathes of the nation.
The delightful New South Wales town of Deniliquin faced its coldest day in 110 years on Sunday, when temperatures plummeted to as low as -5.6C. 

Icy cold barbed wire.

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Over in Goulburn, things were also mighty nippy. Saturday sunk as low as -10.4C, a full 12C below average winter morning temperatures in the region.

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Things weren’t too warm across the capital cities, either. Temperatures recorded in Sydney’s central business district hit 5.4C early on Sunday morning, marking the city’s coldest night in two years. Melbourne’s city centre also experienced a frosty low of 0.8C.

Spare a thought for your pals in Canberra, though. Temperatures sunk well past below predictions, with readings of -8.7C and -8.2C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Those legitimately rough measures contributed to the capital’s lowest back-to-back morning readings in around twenty years.

There is some good news here, though. The high pressure system which has kept cloud cover from insulating that corner of the nation is expected to piss right off, thanks to a low pressure cold front currently barreling in from South Australia.

That system will bring some cloud cover in, which should will result in rainfall in Melbourne and Sydney – and snow, blessed snow, in the alpine regions. That cloud cover will also eventually keep warmer air from vanishing, gradually raising the temperature.

Until then, here’s us.

Source: 9 News.
Photo: Groundhog Day.