Victorians will be able to score free N95 and KN95 masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and I’d politely like to request the other states introduce similar initiatives. Give me my free masks please!

The free masks are available from August 9 and more than three million are set to be handed out over the next couple of weeks.

They’ll be distributed at state-run COVID testing sites, on public transport and at various community orgs, including multicultural and multi-faith events, Aboriginal gatherings and at some disability service providers.

According to the Victorian Government, anyone that rocks up to get a free PCR test or RAT in the next four to six weeks will score a box of 10 N95 masks.

A free gift? I’m immediately into it.

“Providing masks free of charge to those who need them most will help them protect themselves, their loved ones, and Victoria’s hardworking healthcare workers,” said Victorian Premier Dan Andrews in a statement

Masks are currently mandated in high risk settings and on public transport in Victoria. No more exposed chins on buses! Put them away!

It’s also recommended you wear one indoors, if you can’t socially distance, if you’ve got COVID-19 symptoms or if you are with vulnerable folks.

And now that you can get one for free there’s literally no excuse. Cover those face holes please.

In a smidgen of good news, it looks like we might have reached our winter COVID peak. But cases are still really bloody high across Australia so it’s as important as ever to wear a mask, particularly if you’re symptomatic.

There’s also immense pressure on healthcare workers at the moment — as there has been throughout the pandemic — and wearing a mask is one of the small things the rest of us can do to help ease that pressure and keep one another safe.

Victorian Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas highlighted some of the important choices we can make when it comes to COVID safety.

Wearing a mask, staying up to date with your vaccinations and ensuring indoor areas are well ventilated are all steps Victorians and businesses can take to manage their own COVID-19 risk this winter and into the future,” she said. 

Pretty simple TBH.

Image: Getty Images / Quinn Rooney