Freak Flag Down: Melbourne Institution PolyEster Books To Close For Good

Nothing gold can stay.

But for over 30 years, PolyEster Books – Fitzroy‘s hub of the weird, the wonderful, the perverted, the deviant, the mind-bending, or the outrageously good – looked like it might well defy that.
The much beloved bookstore, an absolute institution of Brunswick Street, has long played host to fringe literature and paraphernalia, and has constantly – and defiantly – rustled the jimmies of any unsuspecting prudish types swanning through the area on a whim.
But after operating in the area continuously for over three decades, the store is now set to close its doors for good come the end of the month.
In a short statement, the owners of the store thanked its ever-rotating cast of colourful clientele for the continual support.

“Our heart-felt thanks goes out to all the freaks, miscreants, perverts, psychonauts and truth-seekers for all your love and support over the last 30 years. In the words of Frank Zappa: ‘Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible’.”

As a final gesture to their community, the store is clearing out all the stock of the store at half-price; a sale that’s set to last the entire month of February.

A constant, non-discriminatory home to the weird, wonderful, magnificently fucked characters of Fitzroy, and a cornerstone of a community that doggedly clings to its edge despite the rampant gentrification taking place around it.
Damn it, PolyEster Books. You’ll bloody well be missed.
Stay hungry. Stay curious. And above all else, stay weird.
Source: Beat Magazine.
Photo: Facebook.