Fraser Anning Has Been Booted From Qantas’ Exclusive Chairman’s Lounge Club

In what’s gotta be really crappy news for Fraser Anning and precisely zero other people, the asshole Senator has had his membership for the exclusive Qantas Chairman’s Lounge club torn up. Again: Shocking, sad, utterly tragic, for Anning and literally no one else.

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Anning was expelled from the club today after a review from Qantas officials that was launched following Anning’s dipshit comments regarding the Christchurch terrorist massacre.

The Chairman’s Lounge club is, as CEO Alan Joyce describes it, “probably the most exclusive club in the country.” It exists above the airline’s high status Platinum One level, and membership is by invitation only; you cannot buy your way in there. The benefits and facilities of the lounge are largely a tightly kept secret, but it’s strongly believed they involve free flight upgrades for members and unlimited food and booze inside the lounges themselves; we’re talking the good gear here, far beyond the auto-pancake maker in the pleb lounge.

Every member of Federal Parliament is extended an invitation to the exclusive lounge, but Anning’s unceremonious de-pantsing is reportedly among the first, if not the first, to have occurred. It follows on from yesterday’s Senate censuring of the disingenuous prick, in which the entire Senate chamber collectively dunked on Captain Fuckwit for roughly an hour.

So for however long Anning has left in parliament, he will no longer be allowed to enjoy the finest hospitality that Qantas has to offer while using taxpayer money to fly himself to various racist right-wing meetings.

Which, we stress repeatedly, is very sad. For him. No one else. It sucks absolute ass for only Fraser Anning.

Just him.