Frankie Magazine Just Made Fat Stacks, Acquired For A Cute $10 Million

Warm the kettle, hang a festive bunting and carefully assemble your matcha accoutrements in a charming flatlay guaranteed to make you squee, for today we celebrate a coming of wage for singular purveyors of antipodean quirk frankie magazine – and its affiliate publications like Smith Journal, Surfing Life, Slow Living and White Horses – who’ve just been acquired for a très sweet $10.8 million.

According to an ASX release, the Pacific Star Network today acquired frankie’s publisher Morrison Media as part of a strategy to expand and diversify their portfolio from a network of Melbourne-based commercial and sports FM broadcasters and digital radio stations like AUSSIE and KOOOL – which play “all Aussie, all the time” and songs from the 70s and 80s respectively, and sound like a great time – to also include the stalwart independent publications most likely to write a haiku espousing the enlightening benefits of putting birds on things.
Speaking toward his most adorable business merger to date, chairman of the network Andrew Moffatt praised frankie as an industry leader destined for continued growth both locally and internationally “due to its content which speaks to a highly engaged audience.” 
On this auspicious occasion, I’d also like to issue a very public plea to another off-shoot of frankie – albeit one not officially included in the Morrison stable of brands – unfrankie magazine, to resume tweeting. A year between adorable missives is not cute.

Wallpaper via Frankie