Frances Abbott and former Olympic rower Sam Loch got hitched yesterday, in a surprise ceremony that came fewer than three months after their engagement was announced – and fewer than four months after they started dating.

Abbott, the 26-year-old daughter of Coalition backbencher and former prime minister Tony Abbott, took to Instagram late last night to share the news.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Abbott wrote in a caption to a black-and-white image of the pair smooching. “Always and forever #locheddown #youmaynowkissthebride #fuckyes.”

Loch’s own Instagram post revealed the big day wasn’t big, and intentionally so.

“The celebratory component isn’t for a couple of months,” Loch wrote, “but we made it official in the eyes of the law today.

“We’re the motherfucking Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of love.”

Last year, fitness model Abbott spoke to Stellar about her impending nuptials, and about the pressure on any partner asked to meet her dad.

“Dad liked him. Dad likes everyone, but I think he was particularly — well, Dad is a rower,” Abbott said.

“He was like, straight away, ‘Let’s talk about rowing.’”

As for her mum Margie Abbott: “Mum was like, ‘Frances, you are quite impulsive.”

Around the same time as the freshly-minted married couple were signing on for life together, Tony Abbott was discussing the prospect of a Federal ICAC on talkback radio.

We could reasonably expect the eventual ceremony to be a little nicer than that.

Source: The Daily Telegraph
Image: @samloch / Instagram