Fourth Woman Comes Forward With Complaint Against Staffer Who Allegedly Raped Brittany Higgins

Scott Morrison Brittany Higgins

A fourth woman has made an accusation against the Liberal staffer accused of raping Brittany Higgins, alleging that he touched her inappropriately and without consent at a bar in Canberra.

According to the ABC, the woman has filed an official police report in Canberra. This comes after two other women have joined Higgins in alleging sexual assault from the same staffer.

The fourth woman alleges that in 2017, at Canberra’s Public Bar, the staffer stroked her thigh without consent.

“By that time, I was just so used to sexual harassment I just brushed it off,” she told the ABC.

According to her, the individual was “really sleazy,” and she was encouraged to come forward with her experience with him after hearing Higgins’ story.

Earlier this morning, The Australian reported that a Liberal Party volunteer had come forward with an account of sexual assault from the Liberal staffer. This was the third account of misconduct alleged against his name.

She alleged that the staffer bought her “double strength” shots at a bar, and soon found herself in an Uber with the man. She was then told that she would be taken to the man’s hotel and “looked after”. It was there that the alleged assault happened.

“I believe his actions on the night of 29 June and the morning of 30 June constitute sexual assault, because he performed or tried to perform sexual acts on me whilst I was severely intoxicated and unable to provide valid and informed consent,” she told The Australian.

Brittany Higgins is due to make a formal statement to the Australian Federal Police on Wednesday, which will prompt action into the investigation of the allegations to date.

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