Four Corners’ Harrowing Lindt Siege Report Will Go Down As One Of Its Best

Four Corners has just wrapped up a two-part investigation into the Lindt Café siege of 2014, during which three people died: hostages Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson, and gunman Man Haron Monis
The report speaks to the families of Johnson and Dawson, as well as other hostages, as they emerge from an 18-month inquest into the police response to the situation. It’s incredibly gruelling, emotional stuff, as they delve into the events of the siege, the police operation, and the eventual disaster that unfolded. 
It’s a tragedy that has remained in the public consciousness for a long time. With the end of the inquest, and with this piece of sensitive and thorough journalistic investigation, it seems that people are finally beginning to feel a sense of closure – along all the anger one would expect at just how wrong it went. 

Viewers are already hailing this report as one of the program’s best, though – a piece of investigative journalism that does everything the form should.

You can watch part 1 of the report here, and part 2 here. It’s harrowing stuff, but as always, the Four Corners team have handled their subject matter with dignity, care and compassion. 
Image: Getty Images / Joosep Martinson.