Former One Nation Senator Injured In Scuffle Outside Perth Courthouse

Very-recently-former One Nation senator Rod Culleton has been injured outside a Perth court today, in what is variously being described as an “incident“, a “fracas“, an “altercation” and a “charged kerfuffle” (okay I made that last one up).

A spokesperson from Senator Culleton’s office said he was injured after leaving Perth Magistrates Court just before 11am Perth time, after an attempt was made to serve him papers that resulted in him falling over and potentially breaking his wrist:
“He was at court filing a VRO. It had ended and he was leaving court as all this unfolded.

“As he left, some people were trying to serve him papers of some sort.

“And then as that was all unfolding, there has been a bit of an ambush and the senator has fallen to the ground and injured himself.

“The witness statements are being taken right now.

“I do know he is being x-rayed on his wrist to see if it’s broken or not.”
WA Police confirmed they were looking into an incident involving two men outside Perth Magistrates Court at 10:45am and are reportedly reviewing CCTV footage.
According to witness Frank Bertola, the man who started the altercation was One Nation member Anthony Fels, who was attempting to serve bankruptcy papers while one of Culleton’s supporters, Craig Hutton, tried to intervene:
“Craig Hutton pushed in between again and Craig and Rodney fell to the pavement.”

“And with that Anthony was in a position to drop the documents on Rodney and say ‘You are served‘.”
Oddly, Culleton was in court that day seeking to get a restraining order against Frank Bertola, who had previously been ejected from one of Culleton’s bankruptcy hearings.
Culleton has had an extremely weird 2016, undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, having the legitimacy of his seat disputed thanks to a conviction from around the time of his election, and experiencing a very public feud with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson that both saw him resign from the party and also gave us this beautiful “This is fine.” moment:

Chin up mate, 2017 can’t be any worse.
Source: SMH.
Photo: Channel 9.