Former MasterChef Contestant Caught With A Mystery Box Load Of Pingers

Life after MasterChef can be a rough road to navigate at the best of times. But the main thing to remember is to keep a level head, keep working hard, and make sure your own personal Mystery Box doesn’t morph into a handy container you use to stash enough Jerry Springers to keep half of Brisbane on the gurn.

Filippo Silvestro – the serpentine gentleman who placed 17th in the 2012 season (one that was ultimately won by Andy Allen) – was arrested last month in the Brisbane CBD allegedly carrying more than 150 pills and $16,500 in cash.
Silvestro, 42, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday to face four charges, including supplying dangerous drugs and possessing dangerous drugs.
Silvestro did not enter a plea to the charges, and the matter was adjourned until February 4th. Police will now analyse the pills in order to determine whether there is any commerciality to the charges – or, if there is reasonable cause to suspect intent to distribute.
Filippo was eliminated from MasterChef after failing at a quiche lorraine challenge, which he claimed was due to “a couple of silly mistakes.”
“You’re only as good as the last dish you cooked.

Too right, m8. It’s just that maybe next time that dish should be something other than a Stereosonic‘s worth of googs.

Can’t fault him, though. Old mate did well and truly cook it this time.