Former LNP MP Buys Out Ballsy Full-Page, Anti-Newman Ad In The Courier Mail

No matter where your allegiances lie, say a lil prayer for Tony Abbott and the LNP‘s PR team, today – the backlash they’re dealing with this week has truly been a doozy. Yesterday, Abbott’s infamous wink returned as a Liberal voter gave him hell on the air; today the LNP’s race to secure Queensland voters in their upcoming state election is being subtly undermined by one of their former comrades.

Visuals have now surfaced via Reddit of Queensland’s former LNP Assistant Health Minister Chris Davis‘ own full-page advertisement in The Courier Mail, boldly claiming, “My experience is that you cannot trust this government.” It goes on to say, “I could not in good conscience stay part of a government that was happy to trade away public trust for its own self-interest.”

Revenge is a dessert best served cold, and the truly soulless stare delivered by Davis in the ad (below) certainly nails that. Say what you will about Davis’ campaign — which also includes a helluva dry TV spot that conveys the same message — but putting this in the faces of Courier Mail readers, of all people? That’s ballsy as hell. 

As sweet as revenge may feel to Davis – who the Brisbane Times reports joined the Labor party last year after quitting the LNP — the Guardian reported this week that the LNP appears to have a stronghold over the state’s voters: a poll indicated that the LNP was sitting at 42% of the vote, with Labor at 36.7%. 

See Chris Davis’ full-page spread below.