Former Greens Leader Bob Brown Arrested In TAS Over Logging Protests

Former federal Greens leader Bob Brown has been arrested in Tasmania, apparently for participating in a protest against logging operations in Lapoinya, a tiny town in the state’s north-west.

Reports are coming in that he and three other people walked into the Lapoinya Forest exclusion zone this morning; Brown and one other were arrested, while the other two were fined.

The area has been embroiled in conflict with logging companies for a while, but anger flared up when Forestry Tasmania announced just before Christmas last year that logging was scheduled for January 2016, a move which campaigner Michael Buky said was “to limit any action with the media and lawyers” over the holiday period.

“The local community of Lapoinya have been trying to protect their local forest, home to the world’s largest freshwater crayfish, from destruction by clear fell logging,” a statement on his Facebook page read. “Last week, 2 members of the Lapoinya community were arrested. Bob was visiting Lapoinya to support their campaign and stand with them against this needless destruction of their forest.”

He’s scheduled to address media later today, but we’ll say this for now: what a fucking legend.

Updated at 1:37pm.

Greens MPs / Senators are tweeted their support:

More to come.

Photo: Twitter.