Forget (Sushi) Rollies: Smoke The Devil’s Lettuce Outta These Food Pipes

Oh. My. God. YOU GUYS.
The latest accessories to hit the incredible gold-mine of an online goodies store Shopjeen – which was founded by NY-born entrepreneur and social media guru Erin Yogasundram in her dorm room at the #yung age of 20 and currently has 470K followers on Instagram – are these amazing glass pipes in the shape of hot dogs, pizza, donuts, tacos and, of fkn course, sushi rolls.
Today PEDESTRIAN.TV hit up Shopjeen HQ in Hollywood, Los Angeles to chat with the brand’s rad co-founder and creative director Amelia Muqbel about her fave new products. For the full story, add us on Snapchat: PEDESTRIAN.TV.
In the meantime, here are a few of the highlights of Shopjeen’s new products:
1. The ‘Sushi Pipe’.

Available tomorrow on 
2. The ‘Pizza Pipe’.

Available for pre-order here

3. The entire pipe collection tbh.
Available for pre-order here.
4. Because, yeah. 
Available here.
5. And lastly, because subtly is key: 

Available here
Check out the full list of Amelia’s fave new Shopjeen products (+ her amazing pet dog Petunia) on our Snapchat: PEDESTRIAN.TV.
To suss the crazy things these guys stock, hit up the site at, or follow them on Instagram@shopjeen. They ship internationally, and the pipes become available tomorrow.
Wasabi wasabi wasabitches.