Stranded Brisbane Residents Are Posting Terrifying Footage Of Floods As Death Toll Rises To 7


The death toll of the Queensland floods has risen to seven as heavy rains continued to flog Brisbane and northern New South Wales at the weekend and into Monday.

Meanwhile residents have shared wild footage to social media and it looks terrifying.

Police said the most recent death was a 59-year-old man who was swept away while trying to cross a road in northern Brisbane late on Sunday.

He was pulled from the water by two members of the public who conducted CPR but when paramedics arrived he was declared dead at the scene.

Heavy rain and floods are expected to worsen on Monday after Brisbane broke rainfall records and severe weather warnings were issued across the region.

Stranded residents have posted footage of the floodwaters and the rushing river on social media.

More than 51,000 south-east Queensland residents were without power at 8am Monday and the number was expected to rise.

Residents have been urged to conserve drinking water on Monday as treatment plants overrun with a massive influx of dirty water.

More than 1300 roads have been closed and Brisbane’s train network has been suspended with no announcement of when trains could resume.

The airport is open, but it doesn’t look like anywhere you’d want to be as water covers the tarmac.

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Almost 1000 Brisbane schools have been shut and residents have been urged to remain at home.

Whirlpools are also apparently forming over drains as if floods weren’t scary enough.

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More than 1400 Brisbane properties fully flooded on Sunday with the number estimated to have surpassed 4500 on Monday.

More than 11,000 properties were partially flooded and more than 21,000 were damaged.

It was predicted the Brisbane River in the CBD would reach 3.1 metres at the weekend. The prediction was upped to 4m for Monday morning and a second peak is expected at high tide in the evening.

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The predicted peak is below the record of 4.4m reached in the 2011 floods.

The rain in Queensland had eased on Monday but the water would continue to flow downstream.

Brisbane had recorded 741mm between 9am Thursday and Monday morning, according to Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Dean Narramore.

“Definitely even though the rain has stopped … all the water that fell over the last two days is still making its way through the creeks and river systems,” Narramore told ABC Radio Queensland.

The fast-flowing river brought debris with it, including pontoons and boats.

Dramatic footage showed a man being rescued form a sinking house boat at Howard Smith Wharves on Sunday.

The weather system which brought the rain is moving slowly south which has triggered evacuation orders for Lismore residents.

BOM warned at 9am Lismore’s flooding had broken a 48-year record and could become Lismore’s worst on record.

Stay safe, everyone.