Foolproof Ways To Ensure Your Oz Day Bash Is A Winner

Australia Day is just around the corner, and unlike the high-pressure that sits around New Year’s Eve to have ~the best night everrrrr~ (which – let’s be real – it literally never lives up to), ‘Straya Day is all about kickin’ back and chilling with your best mates, and more often than not, that’s what makes it the actual best holiday ever. But like all celebrations, there’s always that lingering fear in the back of your mind, asking “is this the most fun I could be having right now?”

Picture this. All the stress of deciding what to do is gone. The sun is out, you’re relaxing, listening to sick music and sipping A Rekorderlig Festival Cider, nibbling on delicious food and just generally having the best day ever. Well mates, this year, PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Rekorderlig Cider to do just that. We’re throwing the biggest, best Oz Day bonanza that Australia has ever seen in a very cool, very ~secret~ location. We’ve lined up one of Straya’s hottest music acts – Mansionair – and we’ll be blasting everyone’s fave countdown all day, because obvi. 

Tickets are super limited, but all you need to do for your chance to win tickets to our ah-mahh-zing shindig is tell us in 25 words or less what you would bring to an Australia Day party to ensure it was the BEST PARTY EVER. Check out the deets below, and rest assured that this will be the best thing happening on Australia Day.

And for the rest of you who won’t be able to attend our mad bash, we’ve compiled some A+ tips and tricks to help you throw the best Australia Day party possible (even if – ya know – it’s not quite as good as ours).

Serve some true blue Aussie food.
Nothing says “STRAAYAAAAAAA!” like a BBQ with snags, burgers, and prawns, but if you’ve also got a mad sweet tooth, try serving up lamingtons, pavlova, and fairy bread.
Crank Triple J’s Hottest 100.
Like, obviously. It would be un-Australian to listen to anything else, tbh.
Get around a theme party.
There are any number of themes you could run with, from “dress as your favourite Aussie”, to simply “how many Aussie flags can ya fit on ya body?”… which brings us to…
Protect your drinks.
As we all know, Australia Day is smack, bang in the middle of summer. And summer in Australia? Well, that means bugs, and nothing puts a dampener on your day than the experience of swallowing a fly while you’re trying to enjoy a nice cider in the sun. Protect your drinks from flies, mozzies and the 4,000 other creepy crawlies this great nation has to offer with a  simple cupcake liner. Flip it upside down, stick a straw through it, and the cupcake liner will keep all your unwanted guests out. More info here. And while we’re on the topic of bugs…
Don’t get eaten alive by mozzies.
If you’re a tasty-blooded individual who always ends up being the one with 30 mozzie bites, while your mates have none, you know how important a good bug repellent is. If you want to keep the bug bites at bay in a stylish way, why not try these floating candles with citronella oil. Pretty and efficient. Now that’s a good time. More details here.
Don’t get sunburnt.
Australia Day is best spent outdoors, of course, but with sunny days and that pesky hole in the ozone layer, the sun can burn you up in a matter of minutes. Do yourself and your mates a solid, and set up a sunscreen stand. If you’re really feeling generous you can add bug repellant, too!
Line up some outdoors activities.
Now that you’re protected from the sun, all that’s left to do is kick back and have the best day ever. Make the most of your Oz Day with outdoor activities. Play a bit of backyard cricket, set up a slip and slide, and have a blast.
Cool down with a water balloon piñata.
The best way to cool down at the end of a summer’s day. Hang water balloons in a bunch (make sure you do this in the shade, if it’s set to be a scorcher), gather your friends around, grab a bat, and take turns swatting at the balloons until you’re all drenched and cool. More info here.

YOU AND THREE MATES COULD WIN YOUR WAY to the Pedestrian x Rekorderlig Sounds Of Summer Australia Day Party

Photo: Geedup Co.