Teenager Dies From Suspected Overdose After FOMO Festival In Sydney

FOMO Festival

A 19-year-old Central Coast woman has died of a suspected drug overdose after attending the FOMO Festival in Sydney‘s Parramatta Park overnight.

NSW Police say that the woman collapsed at around 6pm while attending the event, and was transported to Westmead Hospital, but died a short time later.

The woman has not been named publicly, however, her family has been notified and some friends who attended FOMO Festival with her have spoken with officers.

Anyone with information about the circumstances of the young woman’s death is urged to come forward.

Police say that an estimated crowd of 11,387 people attended the music festival, with officers searching a total of 146 people with 54 people found in possession of drugs.

A further 24 people were ejected from the venue, generally for intoxication issues, and 28 were refused entry to the event.

Over the new year period, 22-year-old Queensland man Josh Tam died of a suspected overdose after ingesting an unknown substance at the Lost Paradise festival in Glenworth Valley.

Earlier in December, 19-year-old Sydney man Callum Brosnan was found lying on the ground at a train station following the Knockout Games Of Destiny festival, and died a short time later.

There were reports that 20-year-old student Callum Edwards, who died on January 2nd, had take an overdose at the Beyond The Valley festival in Victoria, however, his family have since said that doctors who treated him found tiger snake venom in his system.