In Australia, we’re generally spoiled for choice when it comes to videos of enormous prehistoric reptiles running amok. We’re well-stocked when it comes to crocodilians, so videos coming out of other parts of the world generally do not faze or interest us – that’s just how it is. And yet. We would be remiss not to show you this unbelievably startling video of a 16-foot alligator terrorising a golf course in Florida.

It might just be a trick of perspective – I honestly do not know – but this is a big beastie:

But wait a minute, PEDESTRIAN, I hear all you ungrateful fools saying in chorus. You’ve reported on this awful alligator before! With the headline ‘WATCH: Look At This Big Fackin Alligator Crossing A Golf Course Phwoooar’. Yes, you’re correct. You’ll even notice I am the one who wrote that article. But the reemergence of ‘Chubbs’ is important, mostly because it proves the original video wasn’t just a bit of trickery.

“He doesn’t hurt anybody. He’s got a giant reservoir to go to,” said Ken Powell, manager of the Buffalo Creek Golf Course“If you’re on foot, you don’t want to be that close.”

Apparently it’s not rare to see alligators on this particular course, but few of them come even close to the gargantuan size of Chubbs, who is so large that anyone who spots him is compelled to film his plodding gait.

Anyway. The more I write, the less time you have to look at the alligator. Please. Look at Chubbs.