The #belfie, the #shelfie, the #iwokeuplikethis, the #nomakeupselfie – honestly, it’s enough to make you want to despair at the state of humanity while you take a photo of yourself doing it.

There’s at least one selfie trend we can get behind though, and that’s the flipping of the bird outside known satanist Donald Trump‘s HQ, Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

What started off as one man’s passive protestation of the drivel that comes out of the Presidential candidate’s mouth of has become the delightful pastime of almost everyone who happens to walk past it, American or tourist.

The building’s Instagram geotag is littered with them, LOOK:

Throwback to last week. Foreigners hate Trump too #Canada #Ireland #trump #chicago

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A general courtesy to Trump??

A photo posted by Winston Peng (@winstonpt4real) on

Just give this man what he deserves #middlefinger #nevertrump #imwithher

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Doing this and having a group of passers-by cheering as I was taking the pic! Lol #chicago #trumtower #windycity #chitown #mexican

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sorry trump, the only Donald i like is the duck. ?? #fuckyou

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Good morning, Donald! #2016ShitShow #CultureWar #TrumporReason #AmericaCommitsSuicide2016

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best picture I took on the boat tour tbh

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s/o to the man that’s making America hate again; whether it be hating Mexicans, African Americans, women, Muslims, or an old white man with a bad toupee.

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No Trump Yes Trumpet #notrump2016 #notrumpyestrumpet #chicago #usa #illinois #chicagoriverwalk #trumphotelchicago #wabashavenuebridge #mindthegapyear @notrump16

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It’s a similar story outside Trump Tower in New York.

It’s with genuine disappointment that we can’t personally participate, but here’s one to add to the pile anyway:

Flipping Off Trump HQ Is The Selfie Trend Making America Great Again

Don’t you just love the way social media brings people together?

Photo: Instagram / @tuxedo.masc).