Someone Has Tricked Flavor Flav Into Making A Shoutout Vid For George Pell

As we have reported before, there’s nowhere in the internet right now with weirder celebrity energy than the app Cameo. If you’ve never used it, this is the basic pitch: you can pay an array of D-list celebrities money to do personalised shoutout videos, which they record on their smartphone. Okay, D-list isn’t entirely fair – some of them approach C or even B-list status.

(Full disclosure in the interest of journalistic ethics: my group chat used Cameo to get a shoutout from Ice-T and it was absolutely worth every penny. I’m still buzzed.)

Now, many of the celebs on Cameo make it stringently clear in their app bio things they will not do; mostly things like product or brand endorsements. But the internet is absolutely overflowing with trolls, and Cameo is a ripe target. Which is how we got to a circumstance of Public Enemy and Flavor of Love star Flavor Flav doing a Cameo shoutout for disgraced cardinal George Pell.

Here it is:

[jwplayer j4wAjURN]

It is, as of publishing, right there on his page.

“This message goes out to George Pell,” Flav says in the video. “I just gotta say: happy retirement, my man, you know what I’m saying, for real.”

“Not only that, [but] you know what – I know you ran the boys choir man. You know what I’m saying. All of the boys on the choir respected you, you know what I’m saying, they collected you, my man.”

He goes on, among some generic Flavor-style freestyle rap, “Once again, happy retirement – you know what I’m saying – and thank you for being a huge fan.”

Ooft. He also repeatedly thanks Tristan, clearly the dude who forked out the $150 for the shoutout.

Look, it’s obvious that Flavor Flav is probably not keeping an incredibly close eye on news related to Catholic church sex abuse scandals, and it’s not really his responsibility to do so. But then again, that’s probably something you need to be more forensic about when auditing your Cameo submissions.

It’s not hard to find semi-questionable shoutouts when you browse around the various available celebrities on the site. That’s the risk, I guess!