Same-sex marriage finally, finally became law today, on Saturday December 9, and same-sex couples around the country have wasted no time in getting their paperwork filled out so that they can lawfully and joyfully tie the knot.

In Australia, you’re required to submit your Notice of Intended Marriage at least a month before the wedding actually takes place. Because not everyone in government is a grouchy old miser who hates fun, at least some registry offices were open today, despite being a Saturday – which means that there are now a whole bunch of beautiful weddings scheduled (theoretically) for January 9.

Considering that there are measures in place that allow weddings to take place less than a month after lodging the form if there are special circumstances, we could even be looking at the first legal same-sex union happening even earlier than Jan 9.

Fairfax reports that Melbourne couple Kelly Mackenzie and Kirsty Albion could be first in line, considering that they’ve got a venue and celebrant booked for January 3 – a date that was set to just be an unofficial party when they chose it nearly a year ago, but which gets to be a whole lot more special now that the law reflects their love.

Regardless of when it happens, rest assured that we’re in for a rainbow of matrimonial bliss come January. Block out your calendar, mates, and start picking out your outfits – after a long year of heartache and despair, it’s gonna be the best month ever.

Source: The Age
Image: Getty Images / Scott Barbour