Turns Out Firefighter Jacqui Very Literally Meant Scott Morrison Isn’t Her PM

Not to take anything away from Firefighter Jacqui, the woman who whooshed around the internet this morning after a clip of her telling Scott Morrison that he was “not my Prime Minister” to his goddamned face went viral. Sometimes, the myth of a story alone has merit and weight by itself. However, in the interests of full disclosure: There’s been a twist in the tale.

[jwplayer HOvcqBMa]

Earlier, we brought you the yarn of how media cameras picked up the moment “Jacqui,” a somewhat unidentified NSW RFS volunteer, had the Prime Minister marched in front of her for a quick media hello, only to have it thrown back in his face when Jacqui told him point blank “he’s not my Prime Minister.”

Red hot as that barb may be in isolation, the larger story has a wee bit more context to it.

The story goes that Jacqui, as it turns out, is British, and quite literally meant Morrison is not her Prime Minister.

Extended footage of the interaction shows Jacqui telling Morrison that she’s “been here for fifteen years.”

On the one hand, that takes some of the sheen off the original story. But on the other, 15 years is more than enough time here in Australia to have grown utterly sick of Morrison’s shit.

So in the grand Schrödinger’s Cat scheme of “Is Firefighter Jacqui Good?” we choose optimism.

Until proven otherwise, Jacqui remains a Queen, and thus we have no choice but to stan accordingly.