WATCH: David Fincher’s ‘Mindhunter’ Will Prob Be Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix have a pretty solid run of nabbing top-tier talent to helm original productions – to the point that you can pretty easily forget that there’s some quality shit in the pipeline. Case in point: Se7en  Fight Club Zodiac legend David Fincher has a spooky new series coming called Mindhunter, which is about the FBI‘s first criminal profiling program.

But wait! Now you’ve learned this show is even in production, there’s a trailer for you to scope out. First impressions – it looks a lot like Zodiac. Also it has that guy from Glee in it, which is nice. It does look a tad melodramatic, but we’re willing to see how this one pans out.

Have a peek:

Important to note that Fincher ain’t behind all of this – he’s only directing part of it, and is executive producer for the rest. Once you get the benefit of hindsight, you realise just how much of the current true crime wave kicked off thanks to Zodiac (which is a supremely good film, if you haven’t watched it.)

Let’s see how Mindhunter pans out.