Finally! You Can Now Buy A KFC Double Down Scented Candle

For your Wednesday afternoon viewing, here is something that you probably never knew you wanted, but now you do:

A company in the US, Kentucky For Kentucky, sells things that portray what Kentucky really feels like. Which, apparently, is mainly just making candles smell like the Colonel’s chook smothered in 11 herbs and spices. 
They’ve taken it one step further that just fried chicken. Meet the Double Down candle:
And yes, you can literally see the layers, just like the ‘burger’ itself. The soy candle has a layer of fried chicken at the bottom, then bacon in the middle, then another layer of fried chicken on top, sprinkled with bacon pieces. 
The candle is listed on the KFK website with the hashtags #NeverForget #BringItBack and #WhoNeedsBreadWhenYouHaveChicken, which are all incredibly valid points. 
You can fight (me) to the death for one of these limited edition beauties on Friday May 8th, at 10am Louisville time, which will be about midnight Friday night here (AEST). 
Image via WDRB & KFK