Finally, Some Absolute Genius Has Created A Way To ‘Unsend’ Emails

Ever had that gut-wrenching, cold sweat-inducing moment of fear when you accidentally send a sensitive work email to the co-worker the email is about? It’s somewhat like jumping into an ice-cold pool. Except your shrivelling muscles symbolise your career, and the water is made of knives. 
A start up company called Criptext has saved us from this horrifying moment. SAVED. US. ALL.
Criptext allows you to track when, where and who has opened emails or downloaded attachments inside your emails, which is cool. But the best part is it allows you to recall sent emails, or set a Snapchat-like timer on emails so they ‘self-destruct’ after a chosen period of time. 
It operates from inside your Gmail or Outlook, and it looks super simple to use:
Criptext have been offered a range of private investments since their announcement, and now have over US$500,000 behind them. Which is unsurprising, really – how did it take us this long to create this software?
Now someone just needs to create one for recalling that text message you sent to your douchebag ex at 3am, and all of our modern tech anxieties and regrets will be solved.