Olympic Figure Skaters Try The Short Track And Do a Big Tumble Instead

Japanese Figure Skaters are trying their hand at the Short Track speed skating and it’s just plain awesome. Mostly because they fall and prove they are, in fact, mortal beings. *gasp*

In case you don’t know what Short Track is I’ll break it down for you. So you skate side by side in circles, in a fairly small arena with razor sharp blades. The odds of falling due to crashing is extremely high and they’re travelling at such speeds, athletes will actually slam into the heavily cushioned  barrier. Also the athletes race so close to each other, the blades are literally inches away from noses.

Are the Pyeongchang Winter Games lowkey The Hunger Games? Yes.

If you’re more of a visual person, here’s some footage of the vicious short track to get you vibin’:


There are also RELAYS, I repeat relays for the short track. As in sixteen skaters all in the arena together doing over thirty laps which in reality is only a few minutes because the arena is that small. Yes, it is fucking chaotic but no, you can’t look away.

They also have to give each other a lil’ push instead of passing the baton, it’s honestly the greatest thing ever.


So a couple of Japanese figure skaters thought they’d give it a shot. This included the ever adorable and freakishly talented twenty-year-old  Shoma Uno. Shomo already has a silver medal in the Men’s Single Skating so you know he’s top stuff.

The figure skaters take their and mark and start flying but have a look for yourself to see what follows. It’s just a tad cute.


Olympic figure skaters pretend to be short track speed skaters
by u/PZinger6 in olympics

We are all just mere humans, after all.

Will we see the curlers swap with hockey-players or Scotty James test his magic in cross country skiing next? Find out in the 24th Annual Olympic Games – just kidding. But if you did want to see something different, check out the Olympic Youtube Channel for Sports Swap

The possibilities are endless.