FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT: Here’s The Fresh Blood On ‘Aust Next Top Model’ S10

It’s baa-aaaaa-aaaaack!

Welcome back ‘Australia’s Hunger Games for Models’ ‘Australia’s Next Top Model‘ (but most prefer the aforementioned title). 
The show has hit its 10th season, which means that Alex Perry will now commence his decennial changing-of-the-glasses ceremony, commonly described as ‘grandiose yet macabre’. The only attendees of the ritual are judge Megan Gale, host Jennifer Hawkins, and anyone who can afford Foxtel
As the planets align, his glasses will move briefly from his head as he switches to the next decade’s design, before praying at the altar of Myer, cursing David Jones in ancient tongues, and sacrificing a small child (  probably).
This season sounds like quite the memorial, with previous winners such as Montana Cox, Simone Holtznagel, Amanda Ware, Cassie Van Den Dungen, and Aussie supermodels such as Elle Macpherson, Gemma Ward and Miranda Kerr, appearing as mentors/judges like some kind of deprecating funeral that only proportioned people befitting the Golden Ratio can attend. 
Here’s the Canadian Tuxedo-afflicted buggers themselves; the girls who will fight to the death for a modelling contract, a car, a trip to New York, and an Elle Australia editorial:
From NSW: Aleyna Fitzgerald (16), Linnea Stevens-Jones (16), Sabine Jamieson (17), Belinda Kosorok (18), Daisy Davies (19), Kassidy Ure (19) Jordan Simek (20), Vitoria Triboni (25) 
From VIC: Summer Kane (19), 
From QLD: Kristy Baker (17) 
From SA: Jessie Andrewartha (21) 
From WA: Laura Taaffe (20) 
From TAS: Sofie Baric (17)
May the odds be ever in their favour. 
‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ season 10 will begin September 20 at 7.30pm (ESDT) on Fox 8. 
Source: Fox 8