Part Of Ferry McFerryface’s New Name Has Already Fallen Off

I don’t know if, perhaps, she ran over an albatross at some stage or something, but the ferry formerly known as Ferry McFerryface has not had a very good run in life. Since her addition to Sydney‘s fleet of ferries in November, the vessel formally registered as Emerald 6 has seen nothing but controversy and strife, faced with massive public disapproval of her ridiculous name, political intrigue as it was revealed that said ridiculous name was not even the winner, and, just last week, the poor boat had a minor collision with a wharf.

Seemingly on the final stretch away from the shackles of the awful name that transport minister Andrew Constance saw fit to handpick for her, Emerald 6 AKA Ferry McFerryface AKA May Gibbs has suffered one more indignity: a bit of her name fall off.

As the Ferries of Sydney Facebook page posted earlier today, McFerryface was getting a makeover with her much more delightful new name:

So far, so good. It turns out, however, that that blissful period would not last very long. A few hours later, Ferries of Sydney posted an update, in which it appears that the vessel has now been christened the ‘Ay Gibbs’.

The poor girl. We wish her nothing but a pleasant and uneventful service once all this is fixed up.