Fellas In South Korea Are Wearin’ Make-Up To Help W/ Their Self-Confidence

There’s no true surprise to know that South Korea is a huge player in the cosmetics game. In the last couple of years, the western world has obsessed over their face masks and foot soaks (yeah mate gimme some of that Baby Foot) and their make-up game is second to none. 

So it’s also no surprise that the men of South Korea are also leading the pack when it comes to taking care of their skin, and in a lot of cases, going through make-up routines every morning to boost their self-confidence.

Preach, Kim Chi.
The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that the male population of South Korea has become the most successful in normalising make-up and have actively made perfecting their contours more mainstream in the last few years. 
I mean since the surge of cosmetics between 2009 and now, the amount of male-focused skincare being sold in South Korea has spiked a ‘yuge 89%. The fellas are conscious about their faces, and they’re extremely chill about it.
The most incredible nugget of info about their skincare habits, however, is that Korean men spend an average of $39 per year on their skin, whereas Australian men spend a huge $3.30 on theirs. 
To be incredibly stereotypical for a sec, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that three bucks is probably spent entirely on zinc worn at the cricket. Nice.

Need more zinc for all that shade, fellas?
The best part about this is that they’re not doing it because they want to be more like make-up-wearing women. It’s because it gives them confidence. Which, to be perfectly honest, is why I wear make-up on the reg. It’s not for anyone else – it makes me feel good.
Speaking with SMH, Korean student Back Do-hyun admits that he’s worried about the job climate in Korea, and uses light make-up to make himself feel more confident when looking for work.

“I want to make a good impression and want to be more handsome. Foundation covers my flaws and makes me look more natural, so I’ve got more confidence.” 

Well, blokes, it looks like you all need to up your game. Make-up is not just for women anymore, I think we’ve established that now. Look at the latest face for Maybelline – a dude with brows that could cut diamonds. 

Probably time to dig a little deeper in those pockets and quit washing your entire body with Lynx Africa. 
Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Youtube / Ivan Lam.