Off-Duty FBI Agent Does A Flip & Accidentally Sets Off Gun In Denver Bar

Yes, that is a bizarre headline but it did actually happen. An unidentified off-duty FBI agent was having a fab time at a bar on Saturday in Denver, Colorado when he decided to take his moves to the dance floor and do a backflip.

As the (probably drunk) agent flipped, his gun toppled out of its holster and landed on the ground. In his haste to collect it, the agent accidentally fired the gun into the open crowd of civilians wounding a man in the leg.

Ryan Haarer of 9News Denver tweeted footage of the incident:

As Haarer tweeted, the man who was shot was not seriously injured. He was taken to a local hospital and is said to be in a good condition.

The New York Times reports that like the FBI agent, the police aren’t identifying the hospital either because this is terribly embarrassing for the force, not to mention a federal agent.

Mile High Spirits Distillery and Tasting Bar have yet to comment on the incident either.

An investigation into the accidental shooting has been opened… probably to figure out how the gun switched itself off safety, if it was on safety in the first place.

The most bamboozling bit of this footage has to be the probably drunk agent holding up his hands and walking away in a simple apology after accidentally firing his gun into a crowd of civilians… Yet to realise he just shot someone in the leg.