‘7.30’ Spoke To Fatman Scoop About *That* Video Because 2018 Is A Hellscape

US rapper and bona fide party-starter Fatman Scoop has given his first sit-down interview with the Australian media after Prime Minister Scott Morrison posted, then deleted, a memey video featuring the classic tune Be Faithful.

Speaking on last night’s unorthodox 7.30, the dude said it was genuinely an honour to be featured in a throwaway social media post from the nation’s newly-minted leader.

“Actually I was really happy because I was like, somebody at that level was thinking about me,” Scoop said.

“And you know, blessings just come out of the blue, so I was really, really happy about it.”

When pressed on the reasons for the video’s deletion, which included concerns over its lyrical glorification of casual sex and the fact insanely well-paid politicians shouldn’t really be boasting about having cash, Scoop defended the song’s positive message.

“You got a hundred dollar bill, put your hands up. You got a fifty dollar bill put your hands up. Everybody likes money, everybody likes to say they have money,” he offered.

And when pressed on his upcoming Australian tour – and what he’d end up doing if he ever coaxes Morrison out of Canberra or The Shire – he offered some key advice to the man who is so desperately trying to brand himself as an affable everyman.

“Get ready. There’s gonna be partying. Don’t touch the mic. When I tell you to jump, just jump,” he said.

Wise words, Scoop. If you’re deadset keen to hear more wisdom from the muso, peep the entire interview right HERE.