PODCAST: Is Fashion Week The Place To Be Even If You’re Not Invited?

If you’ve ever been genuinely perplexed by everything that is Fashion Week, crank the volume and tune into episode 7 of Sneak Up, the PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy.

While most of us are happy to sit at home in our jocks and simply judge the fashion that we see pour out of this worldwide event, there are plenty of others who are flocking to Fashion Week in droves to either see the shows or, the increasingly popular option, be seen at the shows.

To help us figure out why people would want to rock up to an event they might not be invited to simply so they can get snapped by some photogs, PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Senior Style Editor, Melissa Mason, is here to offer her two cents, explaining that the rise of digital media has created an influx of fashionistas looking to make a name for themselves.

Can’t blame that hustle, ey?

Further along in the ep, keep your ears tuned for some advice that Mel dishes up which could very well help you get into the fashion industry – as broad a term as that is – as she’s someone you’d definitely want to listen to and take notes.

Ep 7 also discusses everything from the resurgence of bum bags, the constant shift in street style and Insta-queen Lucinda Price swings by to tell us her fave ~lewks~ from this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

As always, you can catch up on everything that’s at the forefront of Aussie culture by taking a listen to all the other eps of Sneak Up – including the most recent interview with graffiti artist Scott Marsh – on all your usual poddy platforms.

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